Stephanie's Story

“There’s nothing you can do about postpartum hair loss…it’s hormonal!”

A phrase I had heard too many times. I was a new mom with my second child and experiencing hair loss and thinning at an alarming rate, even more extreme than I had experienced after my first baby was born. It was stressful and overwhelming, and “nothing you can do” was not the comforting advice I had hoped for.

Unwilling to believe my only option was to simply “wait it out”, and unsatisfied with the types of ingredients found in FDA approved products for hair growth and hair loss, I decided to find my own solution. I wanted a tangible product and an actionable routine, something simple, effective, and most importantly, as a breastfeeding mama, made from safe, natural ingredients. When I realized that didn’t exist, I was determined to make my own.

I wanted two things from a hair product - scientifically proven, hormonal hair supporting ingredients, and a simple routine that I would be able to do consistently. After researching studies on natural DHT blockers and consulting with natural hair experts and cosmetic chemists, a botanical based formula began to take shape. The routine became apparent: apply, massage, sleep, wash-out, repeat.

After a few months of using the product, I knew we had created something truly unique and wondered if other mamas would find it as helpful and empowering as I had.

In the summer of 2020, I launched the Oh Hey Mama brand with a single product, the Oh Hey Mama Hair Serum; The same product I had made for myself just a few months prior. Our product line now includes the original hair serum, plus the Oh Hey Mama Scalp Wash, some much needed hair care accessories, and a soon-to-be-launched conditioner. I am so honored I have had the chance to share these products with so many moms. Hearing your hair stories and being able to be a part of your hair journey is truly the best part! ⁠