Apply. Sleep. Wash. Repeat.

Get More Out Of Wash Day With Our Enriching 3-Step Scalp Care Routine

Step 1

Hair Serum

Use as a pre-shampoo and/or overnight treatment.

Use the dropper to apply oil to scalp and hair line. Focusing on trouble spots and thinning areas.

Gently massage the oil into scalp, using our stimulating scalp massage brush, or finger tips.

Leave serum in overnight (or for at least 45 minutes). Applying the serum 10-15 minutes before bed allowing the serum to absorb into the hair.

Wash oil out with shampoo or the Oh Hey Mama Scalp Wash. Double cleanse if desired. Condition and style and usual. 

For best results use overnight at least 2-3x per week. Peak results can be seen in the first 60-90 days.

Step 2

Scalp Massaging Brush

Stimulate your scalp, brush away build-up, and encourage thicker fuller growth. Our unique, fully silicone design makes our stimulating scalp brush an ideal choice for fragile hair types and sensitive scalps.

Step 3

Scalp Wash

Use in place of daily shampoo or as needed as a deep cleansing wash.

Balance your natural scalp oils, stimulate your follicles, and extend the life of your wash days with this rich lathering, and deep cleansing wash. Use in place of shampoo as a uniquely deep cleansing and balancing wash.

Fully wet hair. Massage a dime-size amount of product onto the scalp into a rich lather.

Leave lather on the scalp for 1-2 minutes for additional benefits.

Rinse thoroughly. Double cleanse if desired.