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Nurture your scalp,
restore your hair

The 3-step routine for naturally longer, stronger, fuller looking hair

Discover our plant-powered formulas for supporting growth and fighting fall out

Stimulate, nourish, and protect your hair with nature’s most proven ingredients for hair vitality

Because scalp care is hair care

A 3-step scalp care routine for hormonal, aging, and thinning hair types
"If you’re struggling with hair loss or thinning...

This product will give you hope and life!

I cannot believe how soft and shiny my hair is as well. I’m so grateful for these products.

-Ashten B.

Step 1

Hair Serum

Restored hair begins here. Fight the most common causes of hair loss, thinning, and fall out with our most potent blend of plant-active ingredients. Apply as an overnight treatment or for at least 45 minutes before washing out.

Step 2

Stimulating Scalp Brush

Designed to stimulate your scalp, brush away build-up, and encourage thicker fuller growth. Our unique, fully silicone design makes our stimulating scalp brush an ideal choice for fragile hair types and sensitive scalps.

Step 3

Scalp Wash

Like shampoo...only better! This sulfate and paraben-free wash is complete with proven herbs, oils, and extracts the scalp needs to fight the issues that cause slow growth, breakage, and excessive shedding. Balance your natural scalp oils, stimulate your follicles, and extend the life of your wash days with this rich lathering, and deep cleansing wash. Use in place of shampoo as a uniquely deep cleansing and balancing wash.

The Complete Routine

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Nourish, stimulate, and protect thinning hair with our effective and plant-powered scalp care routine. This bundle includes our nourishing oil-based hair serum, our deep cleansing sulfate-free scalp wash shampoo replacement, and our ultra-hydrating and smoothing Rapid Replenish Hair Conditioner plus our stimulating silicone scalp massager.

This powerful hair and scalp care bundle is specially formulated to help you fight the scalp issues that cause slow growth, breakage, and excessive shedding. Formulated with stimulating herbs and extracts for growth, nourishing oils that heal and protect, and DHT blocking ingredients that help fight the most common hormonal reason for hair thinning and fall-out. 

Specifically formulated for postpartum, hormonal, fragile, and thinning hair types.

Sulfate & Silicone Free

This Scalp Care Bundle Includes: (1) Hair Serum, (1) Scalp Wash Shampoo, (1) Rapid Replenish Conditioner, and (1) Stimulating Silicone Scalp Massager.


Apply. Sleep. Wash. Repeat.

A simple and effective routine for soothing the scalp and revitalizing hair roots.

We say no to diluted hair care

Pure oil-based serums & water-free formulas

We believe in potent and concentrated hair care. We say no to alcohol and water-based formulas and believe deeply nourishing oils and potent water-free formulas will always be superior in restoring hair vitality. We are proud to create small batch crafted hair care and made with love in the USA.

The Oh Hey Mama Story

Born to give moms an effective way to support, love, and care for their postpartum hair.