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Postpartum Hair & beyond

Plant-powered formulas to support healthy hair growth and fight fall out.

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Oh Hey Mama was born to give moms a chance to take back control. We are proud to create clean, powerful, and proven hair and scalp care products for moms, by moms. Oh Hey Mama is small batch crafted, mom-owned, and made with love in the USA.

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A simple and effective routine for soothing the scalp and revitalizing hair roots.

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Born to give moms an effective way to support, love, and care for their postpartum hair.

Hormonal Hair Loss

Childbirth linked hair loss occurs because of a rapid shift of hormones 3-5 months after birth. During this postpartum phase, the body experiences an extreme drop in estrogen and a rapid rise in testosterone. With this rise of testosterone, DHT, a hormone on the scalp responsible for hair loss and thinning, attaches to the follicles. When DHT is present in large amounts it causes hair follicles to shrink, resulting in thinning, and ultimately hair shedding.

Our 6 Tips for Managing Postpartum Hair Loss
DHT Blocking Ingredients

All natural DHT blockers, like the Oh Hey Mama Hair Serum and Scalp Wash, contain natural ingredients, like Saw Palmetto and Stinging Nettle that can help reduce and balance DHT on the scalp. Both Saw Palmetto and Stinging Nettle are scientifically proven to block the enzyme 5α-reductase, which converts to DHT. Preventing high levels of DHT can be a powerful way to fight back against hormonal thinning and shedding.

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